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Closing this Blog

Hello All ,


I have moved to a new domain and a new name 

September 17, 2007 at 1:48 pm 1 comment

Breast Feeding At Work

Update : I Wonder how would Dr. Ezzat feel , about men who works with his sister and wife ? would it be Halal ? Would he practice what he preaches

An Egyptian Dr in Al-Azhar , who is a head of the Hadeeth Department announced a controversal Fatwa , regarding Alkhilwa at Work . and the solution for it , so for the girl to breast feed her colleague so that he can be Halal to her and he said alot of crazy things

to read the article please click on the link below


What the hell was he thinking ?

Was he so bored in his department that he wanted to make thing up to spice his life ?

Does he want publicity ?

How can an adult get ” 5 rath3at moshbe3at ” ?

How can a man not have sexual feelings ?

Does he have a SHOE inside his head ?

If he said this thing in the days of the Sahabah , would his head be chopped off ?

How come all the controversy come from Al-Azhar ?


May 19, 2007 at 11:57 pm 13 comments

New Author to This Blog

I have an announcement to make , I have added my brother Ajeez as anthor to this blog.
Definatly my posts will be better than his . And If he posted something I didn’t like , I’m going to delete it 😀

April 14, 2007 at 4:51 pm 5 comments

GAP coming soon to THE AVENUES


An important news for the ” average kuwaiti ” , I know most Kuwaitis LOVE GAP and think its the coolest brand ever , when in fact in the US its a brand for average people with less income . Anyways , I have been to THE AVENUES yesterday on its first unofficial day and saw the shop with boards covering it ” COMING SOON “.

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HIV infected needle on theater seats

Alrai newspaper wrote today that a lady sent them a warning and news she read on the Internet that in Paris was reported that someone went to a movie theater and sat down on a seat and felt something , he looked to the seat and saw a needle and a paper next to it saying ” Welcome to the world of AIDS “ , and a young Indian lady who is engaged went to the theater and the same thing happened except what it said on the paper ” This is how it feels to have AIDS ” , 4 months later the young lady died.

In the same article in Alrai they are telling the readers to warn all your families and every one you know who is out of Kuwait, the funny part is when I did a quick google search on that subject ( since it is really a scary thought if its true ) I found out it was just an old urban legend.

This type of unreliable news is not new on Alrai newspaper , they always tend to exaggerate things and want to be controversial and make people talk out their news in Dowaneyat and Chay-Altha7a.

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Captain America dead

captain america

News say that Captain America will be dead on the issue of the comic coming out on wednesday , in the comic he will be shot by a sniper on his way out of court .

The character was created in 1941 as an american prapaganda during the WWI and its main story is his name is Steve Rogers and he loves his country so much and wanted to join the army to serve his country but he failed the health test since he is a weak person so he agrees on taking a ” super soldier serum injection ” and after that he became powerful. till today it is estimated that 210 million compies have been sold of his series.


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