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Black Kuwaities Secret Code


Black Kuwaities in Kuwait always call each others ” Khaly “

and if some of you didn’t know , the ” khal ” word meeans an Uncle or a Black man

and ” Khaly ” means My Uncle , My NiGGa`

this is the origin of the word ” 7abbat khal ” which means a Mole , ya3ni ” a black man’s kiss “

If you ever encountered a black Kuwaiti working in a customer service indusry , you would notice that once a black man approaches him , he gets a special treatment and gets called ” Khaly ” even if he was the same age or younger than the employee . it is a secret code between them

Any one has any theory on why a black man is  named ” Khaal ”  ? whats the connection ?

August 1, 2007 at 10:58 pm 7 comments

Marriage in Kuwait

From what I have seen in Kuwait

  • HOT pretty girls , marry ugly guys
  • HOT handsome guys , marry ugly girls
  • B!tches marry the best guys and most successful and richest from the best known families
  • Good decent innocent girls , marry guys who did every sin possible

July 31, 2007 at 5:23 pm 13 comments

Better World

If every one used these two , the world would be a better place

Less bad mouth breath , Less body odor


Mouth Wash 





May 26, 2007 at 2:34 pm 3 comments

Summer Started


Summer has started in Kuwait , the heat can easily reach 40+ c everyday. Which means more BO 😦

Note : I was actually driving @ the speed of 440 KM/h , My car meters spins two times 

May 8, 2007 at 11:22 am 9 comments

Body Odor

Last night I was attending a training course , we were in a big class room ( Modarraj ) , I was sitting in a place before the course began , after a while an Egyptian journalist came and sat on my right , I smelled this really disgusting body odor which seemed like he didn’t put on ANY type of Deodorant or even showered in the same day. I am not exagirating but once he sat down the smell hit me , after 10 seconds it hit my friend sitting next to me , after 20 seconds it hit the next guy. His body odor had a 5 meter radiance . I tried to stay for a while for I couldn’t ! it was so disgusting and distracting , after few mins I stood up and moved to the chair on the upper row , Right above him ! I felt guilty a little bit since I am sure he knew I moved my place because of him. Its his mistake anyway not putting on deodorant and stinking me !

On a second note , In mosques I get stinked alot of the times by labor workers . I suggest on the government that they give every foreinger who gets in Kuwait a One Year supply of deodorant.


A famous Jerry Seinfeld joke about BO …

What’s with the cab drivers and B.O.? Just how long are these shifts? It’s like they just get in the cab and drive ’til they are dead. Then they always have that cherry popit on the dashboard. Like that’s suppose to be some kind of an improvement. Now you’ve got the cherry flavored B.O. I can’t even imagine fruit going that long without a shower.

May 7, 2007 at 1:45 pm 9 comments

Shooting Range

Last night I went with a couple of friends to the Shooting Range , located in the area near Janoob Al-Surrah on the 6th Ring Road . last time I have been there was last year , and alot has changed since then.

  • New Philippines staff , very professional and very nice
  • Cheaper headphones to cover your ears from shooting sounds , the previous ones were alot better
  • Less people
  • Before the minimum age for using real guns was 18 , now its 15 ( Ajeez , you can play now )

I shot with the 9mm Pistol , it REALLY bounces your hand back , and you have to squeze the trigger gently . If you squeezed it hardly you would probably move your aim by 1mm which would move away your shot by 20 cm.
Its still expensive btw , 6 KD for 20 bullets that you would shoot them all in 3 mins. Its worth it if you go once a month.

Next week Inshallah I’m going to shoot with the sniper , I want to be like Marky Mark in the movie SHOOTER

Note: please don’t laugh at my score 😦 

    These are some pix I took while I was there …


    My Score ( I have been aiming for two places , the A circle and the Head )  😦

    Sniper Range



    Air Pistols ( Om 9achmah ) good for girls 


    May 6, 2007 at 8:18 am 7 comments

    Beggars ( additional story )

    On thursday when I went to JEEP to test drive the COMMANDER , when I got into my car , a man who wears ghetra and 3gal ( bedoon of syrian ofcourse ) came to my door and said Salam alaikom and hand shook me , and said ” Shloonik o shakhbarik .. yakhook .. ana 3endy zojty .. hmm .. benty .. bnayah .. feehah sara6an b ryoolhah .. ma tegdar tsa3edny b 5 dananeer ” ..

    I smiled O gave him a look like ” shetkharbe6 , You just messed up your story jedamy ” , he obviously made up the story on the spot , he said first that his wife had cancer then changed it quickly to daughter to make more dramatic.

    I smiled at him and told him ” allah ya36eek , ma 3endy cash ” , he quickly said thank you and left since his lie got cought.

    He was probably a Bedoon guy , ill make a post about them soon inshallah

    April 28, 2007 at 3:24 pm 3 comments

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