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I was near Al-Rehab complex , and ive noticed that Al-Rehab is the head quarters of Super Geeks who have geek friends like them . and I bought 6 movies and here are my reviews

  1. The Departed

    This movie won the academy award for BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR and it is amazing , it reminds of the godfather movie , Leonardo Decaprio deserves an Oscar on his role . he’s such a great actor

Rating: 6 out of 5

2.     V for Vendetta

I LOOOVED the cinematography and colors and everything , the character V was so interesting to watch and hear , and btw he is the same actor who played Agent Smith in the matrix. And amazing fight scenes .. the movie is very very interesting and one of the movies that come every 5 years .. you dont come across movies like that a lot

Rating: 5 out of 5

  1. Evan Almighty

    The movie is silly and there is a black actress in it that was Temelleqing durig the whole movie , trying to be WHOOPI . I bet her uncle is the director , it was obvious that they wanted to make her funny in the movie o famous

    Rating: 2 out of 5

4.     Pan’s Labyrinth

This is a Spanish movie , that won 3 Academy Awards .. its basically an adults fairy tale . that talks about the time of the Spanish civil war and a little girl is part of the story where she is staying at a military bunker in the middle of the woods , she comes across mythical creatures and things happen then . very interesting movie . I sure will not forget it easily. But I warn you , it has gore in it

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

5.     Pathfinder

This movie started out very very interesting , then it became a little typical. It is still a good movie , very similar to APOCALYPTO; where as , a group of invaders attack and kidnap villagers and one guy saves them. The interesting part is it has Vikings VS. Red Indians  600 years before Columbus discovered America. Eg3ad fachech !!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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