Beggars and Banghalis

April 28, 2007 at 2:04 pm 6 comments

Almost two to three times a week , when I go to the mosque near my workplace , immediatly after Al-thohor and Al-Aser prayers , someone stands up say few words that he is a poor man and needs help because he is our muslim brother , then shed few tears and go to the back and wait for the money to come.

I have few points to mention

  • 90% of of them either have a young daughter who has cancer or a heart surgery
  • most of them hold a fake paper covered with plastic
  • most of them begin with ” I am your Muslim brother , you will be asked about this in the day of judgment
  • How can a poor man rides a plane ?  how did he come to Kuwait then ?!

Do I ever give them money ? Ofcourse not
Are they really poor ? 99% of the times No

Once a guy who I saw in the mosque near my work , he was crying and saying his daughter needs a heart surgery , few weeks later I see him again in the mosque near my house , with the same story.

I don’t understand one thing ,  if he is a legal resident in Kuwait , can’t he just pay 2 KD for a Government Hospital and get the surgery for his so called daughter ? if not , All arab countries have hospitals and do heart surgeries for the people , can’t he just go back home and do it there ?  I think they find that kuwaiti people are ” maga99ah and 6aybeen ” so why not just rip them off since they have lots of money .


Even banghalis , you know the ones who clean the streets , every morning they stand near the traffic light and make a baby sad face ” 😦 ” and say ” Salam Alaikom ” and countinue moving that one can of pepsi , people roll down the window and give them 250 fils , thinking they are doing something good , this guy stand there all day with that can of pepsi and acting like he is a poor man , I once talked to a banghali guy who works as a tea boy in my father’s company , I told him how much you get paid ? he said 50KD ,
whats your education degree ? he said less than highschool ,
How much a Doctor or an Engineer gets paid in Banghladish ? he said around 30 KD

Dont get fooled by those criminal banghalis , most of the crimes in Kuwait are done by them , look into the ministry of interior reports if you don’t believe me , they are MAFIAs in Kuwait , they control the sheeps market , vegtables market , Friday Market , junk market .. everything

I bet you they go back to their country and tell their fellow Banghalis ” Maaan , come to Kuwait , those Kuwaitis are suckers , you make a sad face and say Salam Alaikom baba , and you get 250 fils every time ” 

I will tell you a story about a banghali who runs a pimp house , he is the biggest pimp , he has many apartments in Kuwait with many prostitutes , the undercover Kuwaiti cops have been looking for him for months , guess what he did ? he goes to Behbehani dealership , buys a Cayenne Turbo , with CASH MONEY !! , finally the cops cought him and kicked his a$$ .


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الله يستر علينا Beggars ( additional story )

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  • 1. rieaane  |  April 28, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    I agree! You are 100% right!

  • 2. True Faith  |  April 28, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    Ask Ra-1 about my story with the small beggers we met once at a mosque. mali ‘7ilg to write it 😛

  • 3. someone  |  April 28, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    I am against generalization. I work with a lot of Egyptians and my punctuality makes them like are you kuwaiti? they assume that a kuwaiti can not be smarter and more dedicated to his work than them. if we dont want them to think/generalize that we, Kuwaitis, are rich empty-minded individuals, we shouldnt do that.
    I give noting to these beggars and sincerely pray to almighty not to be in their situation; either if they are telling the truth or not.

  • 4. intlxpatr  |  April 28, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    The ones that used to get me were the ones with big wounds or bags with blood and pus in them until my friends told me they were just con artists. I always gave, too, and then I felt like a fool.

  • 5. enigma  |  April 29, 2007 at 12:15 pm

    That pimp will go back to Bangladesh, get a fake passport, and come back again.

  • 6. Ajeez  |  April 29, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    intlxpatr, why feel bad, you’re still getting thawab/ajir for your good deeds. Same with con artists, don’t give the money for them, but for you. You don’t know if he’s real or fake, but still in both situations you’re getting what you deserve.


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