Personal Pharmacy

April 3, 2007 at 10:52 am Leave a comment

I personally use these drugs for any occasional illness. all of them are not available in Kuwait , So I order them through the internet and get them shipped to Kuwait.

  •  Pepto Bismol Caplets

this drug is amazing , I know since I was a kid when I was in the states , I used the liquid formula.
its very very fast and affective for stomach aches , nausea , diarrhea.

  • Vicks Nyquil Cherry Flavor

I first knew this drug when I first arrived in the US , I got sick immediately because of the weather change and long trip.
It is used for many things , fever , cough , pain relief , Nashla , Sore throat. this drug is like a miracle.
You take a cup of it before sleep , it will make you sleep heavily . the next day you wake up like there is nothing wrong with you. The thing is it has a little percentage of alcohol . I think its Halal !

  • Advil Luqui-Gels

These gels capsules are an alternative to Panadol , its good for headaches and fever. this is the gel capsules which is fast abrosbed into the body and quick acting.

I think Every house should have these 3 drugs in their pharmacy


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