300 Trivia : Battle of Thermopylae

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I’ve noticed that most of the people who saw the movie 300 just like any typical Kuwaiti said ” Khayaaaly “.
they thought the story was too much and couldn’t possibly happen that an army lead by 300 spartans could face the massive persian army. and that Spartans arent really that tough.

in case you didnt know , the battle did happen and it was called Battle of Thermopylae. and these are some facts of the battle.

Battle of Thermopylae
Part of the Greco-Persian Wars
Leonidas at Thermopylae, by Jacques-Louis David (1814)
Leonidas at Thermopylae, by Jacques-Louis David (1814)
Date 11 August 480 BC
Location Thermopylae
Result Persian victory
Greek-city states Persian Empire
Leonidas I Xerxes the Great

300 Spartans

700 Thespians

6,000 other Greek allies1


(See below)

300 Spartans
700 Thespians
1,400 Greek allies in total
20,000 (Modern estimates)
20,000 (Herodotus)
80,000+ (Ctesias)



Size of The Persian Army

Units Numbers
Fleet crew 517,610
Infantry 1,700,000[50]
Cavalry 80,000[51]
Arabs and Libyans 20,000[52]
Greek troops allied with Persians 324,000

Size of The Greek Army

Units Numbers
Spartans 300
Mantineans 500
Tegeans 500
Arcadian Orchomenos 120
Other Arcadians 1,000
Corinthians 400
Phlians 200
Mycenaeans 80
Thespians 700
Thebans 400
Phocians 1,000
Opuntian Locrians 13

Most of the evens in the movie were true , they just exaggerated in the visuals and style of the warriors.
I’m defiantly going to see the movie again.

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