Muslim Hypocrites

March 8, 2007 at 7:12 am 1 comment



During the last week days , I was attending a training course in one of the hotels in Kuwait. The course starts at 5:30pm and The Maghreb Prayer is at 5:50pm , so once the course starts and prayer times comes you either leave the classroom go pray Almaghreb for 5 mins then get back or delay the prayer till the break which is 1 hour after the prayer time.

In Islam there are 2 prayer that you can not delay , AlFajer and Almaghreb. Why is that ? well when the prayers were first assigned to Muslims and the prophet ( PBOH ) Jebreel came to the prophet to teach him how to pray and the prayer times in 2 consequent days. The summary is these 2 days are like this :

  • Alfajer Prayer : you have to pray it between ( Alfajer Athan and Just before the sunrise )
  • AlThohor Prayer : you have to pray it between ( AlthohorAthan and Just before AlAser Athan )
  • AlAser prayer : you have to pray it between ( Alaser Athan and Just before Almaghreb Athan )
  • Almaghreb Prayer : you have to pray it between ( Almaghreb Athan and max 10 mins after the Athan )
  • Alesha Prayer : you have to pray it between ( Alesha Athan and The 2nd Tholth of the night )

Anyways , if you delay the prayer you will get Sins . Back to the course , there was this old Egyptian manager who had a Beard and looked Islamic , once Almaghreb Athan started then you gotta leave and pray ( he has to know that since he`s being all Islamic and all ) , amazingly he didn’t during all the course days. and the thing that pissed me off was that he was talking to other attendees how he teaches his children Islamic teachings and how they know how to read the Quran perfectly.

The Moral of the story is

  1. in Islam there are things more important than the other , meaning you can’t delay a prayer for the sake of education
  2. delaying prayers is a sin
  3. Not everyone who has a beard is a true believer and follower of Islam
  4. some people grow a beard as a ( Dekoor ) or prestige to show people they are trustworthy
  5. some are simply hypocrites!

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  • 1. mohammed  |  August 15, 2007 at 1:39 am

    الافضل قبل ان على شىء ان عنة جيدا
    وجزاكم اللة خيرا


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