Large Companies VS Small Companies

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in large and small companies and what is the difference between them , As a person who worked in 2 different types of companies ( the examples mentioned above are only for illustration and doesn’t state that i have worked in both ) I will present my experience and what my views are


Large Company:



  • Better salary ( most large companies can afford high paid salaries )
  • employees are proud of belonging to a large well known organization , and that doesn’t necessarily mean they like the place. it just feels good to tell someone in a Dowaneyah that you work in NBK or KFH.
  • They can afford giving their employees special packages like airplane tickets and special offers and discounts with Qnet or electronic companies.
  • Nice annual bonus + retirement package
  • Health Insurance …etc



  • You are identified in the organization as a Number , and probably only the people in your department knows you ( and they don’t know you that well )
  • You will get lost in the mass of employees , the seniors won’t even hear of your name so its hard for you to make a name for yourself and get promotions
  • Large companies are filled with Wastas and ” lobbying ” each big shot has his own ” ass kissers ” and ” 7asheyah ” and there is alot of jealousy and digging for each others among the seniors
  • Your loss ( if you quit ) isn’t important for the company and you can be easily replaced , so there is no ” Job security “
  • Seniority is a big issue ,because its a Pyramid Structured Organization . so a senior may pass by you and won’t even look into your face. and they have alot of protocols and prestige
  • Few responsibilities , since there alot of employees and every one handels a task , therfor you wont learn much
  • You are treated like a machine , with no life.
  • Working environment is NOT flexible , meaning you can’t even be 10 mins late or you will get a warning , and if one day you got sick probably they won’t accept your medical paper

Small Companies:



  • Every single employee in the company knows you and probably know your father’s name and where you live. and you can go directly to the CEO and talk to him and maybe drink tea in his office
  • Most of the small companies are flat organizations , so you won’t have seniority problems
  • You can easily and quickly make a name for your self and show them your work , and get appreciated
  • Alot of responsibilities on you , which leads to more work and more experience
  • Working environment is very friendly and Flexible , meaning if someday you come late no one would even talk to you , or if you got sick no one tells you to bring a medical paper the next day . they simply believe you



  • Low salaries
  • Sometimes you have to work after working hours and on weekends
  • Employees turnover is high among investment companies , since you get ALOT of experience in little time and can easily get job offers in other investment companies which gives you maybe 30% salary increase
  • Alot of the companies won’t give you annual airline tickets and special offers and discounts

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